Meet the best crewmember that never tires, in any seastate.

The Aries Vane Gear has proven itself in countless circumnavigations and hundreds of storms.

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Mark Slats windvane autopilot


"I recommend this windvane to any sailor who’s doing some serious ocean sailing. After 30.000 it still would have done another 30.000 miles without any work to it."

Mark Slats | Golden Globe Race 2018

About Aries

Born out of need, designed to last.

The origins of the Aries Vane Gear date back to 1964. Englishman Nick Franklin wanted to create a wind-generated autopilot, suitable for a large variety of sailboats, with different transoms and rudder layouts, operated by both tillers and wheels.

The Servo-Pendulum System was a winning formula. The boat is steered by its own rudder, which is the most efficient way to steer a boat. The force needed to steer is generated by the speed in the water and is more than sufficient to get even the heaviest cruising sailboats back on course.

Since the 60’ies, the Aries has been available in multiple models. Now we’re back to one model, suitable for all boats, like the Aries was intended by Nick Franklin. It has a proven track record with many circumnavigations and ocean crossings in bad weather. 

Lean Nelis has taken over Aries in 2015. He brought the company’s workshop to Amsterdam where he is still building and rebuilding every sailor’s favourite crewmember.

Lean Nelis Aries Vane Gear

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