Irish Solo-sailing brothers choose Aries

After a nice weekend with our little family, it’s time to get back to work. Little Oak is already familiar with the workshop and is ever so curious to see all the beautiful things his dad makes. 😎

A while ago, we spoke to Peter Lawless Solo Non-stop Circumnavigation, the brother of upcoming Golden Globe Race sailor Pat Lawless – Solo Sailor – Golden Globe Race. Like his brother, he is preparing for non-stop, round the world voyage. He will set sail in August this year on ‘Waxwing’, a beautiful Rival 41. He too has decided to go for an Aries Vane Gear set-up, to steer him around the world.

We look forward to see both Lawless’es sailing around the world safely, with a little help from the very same, best crewmember. 😉

Hope all of you have a wonderful week.

Lean Oak Nelis

Fair winds and Éireann go Brách! 🇮🇪

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