677,60 incl. VAT

The Aries hinge is now added with a safety line to prevent loosing your rudder when you hit something.

Mounting is very easy, the part with the stainless steel arm needs to be mounted on the Aries itself. Te big circle needs to point opposite of the stern. The other part needs to be mounted on te rudder with te circle opposite from the aluminum rudder tube. The hinge is very easy in use

To maintain the hinge we advise to take it of ones in a while to add some grease on it to prevent it for corrosion.

Also both surfaces of the hinge part needs to be greased regularly

The new Hinge for quick release and overload protection.
Fits all English, Danish and Dutch gears.

Hinge is made of aluminum casings, lock mechanism of stainless steel.

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Price including VAT: €677,60

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