Where to buy your Aries Vane Gear

Our service – Aries Vane Gear

It is our policy to give unlimited service to customers, who have received their Aries Vane Gear, or are in the mounting or testing process. We consider the sale as done, when our customer is on his way and Aries is taking care of the course. If the customer is not fully satisfied with our product, we provide a money back guarantee on the return of the gear.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner]

Where to order your Aries Vane Gear products

Aries Vane Gear used to have a dealer network, nowadays it is not needed anymore due to internet.

An order can be made directly to the workshop in Amsterdam

A purchase is normally done like this:

  1. Customer asks for information about the required product (vane gear, drum, servo rudder etc.)
  2. Information is received and read through, the prices are always included.
  3. Items are send from The Netherlands when funds are confirmed.
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Aries Vane Gear
Zamenhofstraat 118
1022AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
KVK 51595362

E-mail: info@ariesvanegear.com
Website: www.ariesvanegear.com


Georg Seifert
Schulz-Hohenstein Söhne Nachf.
Geibelstr. 9-11
47057 Duisburg

E-mail: info@shipshop.de
Website: www.shipshop.de