Mounting Bracket – New Model

145,20 incl. VAT

This mounting bracket consists of three stainless steel castings (made by the VAX investment method), bolts and washers and are nicely isolated from the aluminum tube with Delrin isolation material to prevent corrosion. The bracket is multipurpose. We sell many of these to sailors, who use them for all sorts of things. The bracket is very flexible, can easily be angled to fit. Once bolted on, you just tighten all the bolts with the bracket in the right angle and you will have a very strong construction.

For mounting the Aries: Two of these brackets fit on the Aries itself, and four brackets are needed to fix the Aries on the boat.

Please note: These brackets only fits the newer models of Aries. They do not fit the UK produced models.
(We recommend the traditional brackets for the UK produced models.)

The total price for one bracket is €120,- euro ex. VAT (outside the EU, VAT is added for European orders in checkout)
Price including VAT: €145,20

Prices ares ex. shipping from the Netherlands.