Golden Globe Race

2018 was an exciting year for Aries Vane Gear. It was the year of the Return of the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Yacht Race. Retro, Solo, Non Stop, around the world. Two entrants, Mark Slats and Mark Sinclair were steered by an Aries wind vane. Slats finished second without any issues with his gear. Mark Sinclair Stopped in Australia, but plans do set sail again for the Golden Globe Race in 2021, with the same Aries.
Sinclair’s Aries is 40 years old. Still strong and unstoppable and will happily assist him with the 30.000 miles around the world. We are very proud that both Marks have an Aries on board as their best crewmember!

Videos of the Aries in the Golden Globe Race

Mark John Sinclair presenting the orange coconut !

Mark John Sinclair is presenting his solid orange coconut !

Geplaatst door Golden Globe Race op Vrijdag 22 juni 2018
Australian sailor Mark John Sinclair presents his boar Coconut. He discusses his Aries wind vane at around the 1:30 mark.
Mark Slats at Aries Vane Gear

Mark Slats isn't done with sailling! After the Golden Globe Race, his next challenge will be the Mailasail AZAB Yacht Race 2019. Slats came by the workshop in Amsterdam to have his Aries windvane serviced by Lean Nelis. Little work needed to be done. Slats: "I think it's the best of all the windvanes around!"

Geplaatst door Aries vane Gear op Dinsdag 21 mei 2019
Mark Slats swung by the workshop in Amsterdam to give his Aries some tender love and care before sailing the Azores and Back Race.
His Aries performed very well and did not fail him.