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Everybody loves a good story

Our story about the self steering wind vane, the Aries Vane Gear!

The selfsteering wind vane, Aries vane gear, is not a story of just one company or just one man. It evolved trough time by the knowledge and experience of different men.

Nick Franklin & Peter Mattiesen

In 1968 Nick Frankling invented the first Aries and past it over to Peter Mattiesen in 1994.
At his moment Aries van Gear is owned by Lean Nelis. The company moved to the Netherlands in 2015. Just before Lean bought the company he went to Denmark for 2 months to learn all the craftsmanship from previous owner Peter Matthiesen. Like Peter and Nick, Lean also loves to sail. After years of sailing experience with the Aries gear he got the opportunity to take over the business form Peter.

Lean Nelis

Lean did not hesitate and quitted his job and went straight to Denmark.
Now Aries is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All the right tools and molds are setup in his new workshop. Lean already has innovating ideas for more marine equipement that makes life on the water more easy. Welcome aboard and fair winds!